Web Solutions

TSG has on staff experienced web designers to design websites and automate business functions to improve productivity and cost savings for minimal costs.  Our developers have worked on applications for Federal and State governments, as well as Fortune 500 corporations.
Our solutions include:

Document Imaging & Retrieval

In support of the Federal government’s Green Initiatives (Electronic Records Management – ERM), TSG has implemented document imaging for the Federal government, utilizing Paper Vision’s document retrieval system.  TSG provides turn-key solutions where we will size the opportunity, prep all the paper files, scan all the document images, index all documents for retrieval, and perform quality assurance.  These solutions allow the office to go paperless, with the ability to easily store and retrieve the information electronically.

Web-based Software Solutions

  • Logistics Tracking Systems
  • BAC Trak – Business Analysis Costing Tracking System
  • TRACKER – Medical Branch Contract Tracker and Reporting System
  • Web Content Management
  • Web Design
  • SharePoint Development, Administration, and Support
  • Branding and Marketing Services

Telecommunication Solutions Group, Inc. has successfully built and deployed several web-based applications to manage, track and report logistic and contract information for several government agencies. TSG performs:

  • Analysis of the data sources and the design
  • Database creation; the assignment of each approved item a field within a designed table(s)
  • Specify primary key for each table (unique item which remains constant)
  • Establish relationships and rules between created tables to ensure accuracy and reduce redundancy
  • Refine design to maximize optimization
  • Design and develop data entry screens
  • Load data into database
  • Test data rules
  • Create pre-loaded reports and queries
  • User and security set
  • Test system
  • User Documentation
  • Data Entry
  • Work with internal IT Department for IA accreditation and deployment

Please call us at 1-888-677-8675 to discuss your web-based application needs.